What price are puppies? Puppies start at $800.00, 8 weeks of age.  Show and breed prospect pups are $1000.00 to $1,500.00 at 8 weeks. A deposit of $350.00 will put you in line to reserve a puppy before they are born or  ready to leave home, pups must be completely paid for by the time they are 6-weeks of age.  We will  accept payment in the form of a postal or bank draft money order .Checks may be sent for payments if they are sent to arrive well before pups are ready to go at 8 weeks.  Deposits , While they are not required , are not returnable .They will get you on our list to receive a puppy ahead of those who are not on deposit . We carefully plan our breeding's for the best quality  Siberians and will only have a limited number of pups avail able each year. Deposits are ment to assure that we only have serious buyers for our puppies.
  While all of our pups are of very high quality, those who are perfectly marked are the most desirable for breeding and for the competitive dog teams, will be priced accordingly. For those looking for the sled dog and companion, their color may  not be a consideration. as they are bred for their working abilities.  The breed correctly may be any color. They have both brown , blue and parti colored eyes . Some are split eyed ,one brown one blue eye.  All these colors are correct for this breed. Are breeding prospects guaranteed to be breeding quality? While I have great ability to choose pups because of my many  years of experience, we do not guarantee breeding quality before dogs are 6 months or more of age. Older dogs are priced according to their age, training and quality. Are all pups and dogs guaranteed ? All our dogs are replacement guaranteed to be healthy and free from Hip and Eye disease. While we do not routinely X ray our dogs for hip disease since this breed has only a 3 to 5 percent DHD ratio and we have never had hip problems in our working Siberian sled dogs, they are all replacement  guaranteed for hereditary defects that would make them unable to be comfortable and healthy . Our dogs eyes are genetically tested for eye disease thru Opti-Gen testing , CEREF or clear by heredity. See our Contract guarantee for complete information.
Will you  be required to sign a contract to own a Wildwood Siberian?  Yes,we require a contract be signed by you in order to own your Wildwood dog.. When you put a deposit on your puppy  you will be sent a contract at that time. Please read the contract  carefully on our web site before making a decision  to purchase. It is what we expect from you and you can expect from us.