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Wildwood’s Shleetotem
A quick note to update you on Totem. Well,Totem  participated in his first two day race this past February. We attended the PSDC Tag Hill Challenge and my husband, Bryan ran a  6 dog  team in the purebred class. Totem ran swing/ team next to Tina his future girl friend. We had been training him and he was making great progress so we decided to run him in the race. He did great. We had taken a weekend to train in Jan .to train up north on the snow to see if he would do better in the colder temps and the snowy surface. Well he did and that coupled with other factors led to Bryan’s running in the 6 dog class. Anyway's he came in second out of about a 13 dog team heat both days. We will continue to train until the weather gets to warm. Slowly we will try Totem in different positions---I am curious to see how he will fare in lead with our Tundra. Tundra is a solid command leader and could help train totem if he seems willing .I am attaching photos from  our training pictures as no race photos are  back yet. Carolyn Lavender. New Jersey.
Totem was sent to the Lavenders at about a year and a half old with  only basic sled work , It was 30 below here in Alaska, December  and had been so for some time, he had quite a time adjusting to the heat wave! He was racing in the much higher tempts within just a few months.  More on Totem as we get news. Sue