Donner is doing great! He hasn't pooped or piddled in the house at all--nice to raise a puppy in the summer, and he is such an easy little guy to love. He’s very calm., accepts everything new with ease, like the sound of the hair dryer ,phone, all of the floors, has learned the steps and rides in the car very well in his crate. He is a doll. Every day he is more loving and likes to have lots of attention when  we greet in the morning ; likes to have his body next to mine so I can hug him and he gives me a few kisses . At night we sleep with him in our room, and at first he was in a crate, but now he ‘s loose and the first two nights we got up together during the night, but the last two he just gets up with Mike early for his first outing and stays loose in the house and goes out again with me at 6ish. No messes ,no bombs,no surprises. This is the easiest puppy experience I have ever had  Thanks for this wonderful puppy! Meghan and Mike Criss,  Wasilla Alaska.

Michael Criss is the wonderful  Photographer of some  of our dogs, Donner’s cousins, on our  web site ( Noted with photos)
Donner& Meghan
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